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My daughter had a problem with her citreon C2 which had gone to a main dealer to check. After the dealer charged her for work the problem came back. She went to Selly Oak services, where Paul looked at her car and decided it was an earthing fault. (Completly different to the main dealers prognosis, and a lot cheaper) After sorting out the problem, my daughter returned to Aberyswyth University, much happier. Selly Oak were down to earth, plain speaking, and exceptional value for money. Thanks again
Nick Coker reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 12 Apr 2010

Brilliant service, lovely people. I own a Corsa that has had loads of ongoing problems in the past. They've always been happy to have a look at it when I've taken it in (even at random times). A company you know will never rip you off.
Ela S reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 28 Sep 2009

Was finding hard to get a good garage that can service and fix my limousines, but now selly oak service centre maintain them i have no problem this garage work at such a high standard it is a first choice for anyone. From neil at v. P limousines 0121 684-2003.
Neil Kelly reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 30 Jul 2009

I drive older cars so always have palpitations when putting one in for an MOT. The service at SO was exceptional, polite, friendly and most importantly the car passed! Often garages see older cars as an easy way to make on an MOT as they know the owner is half expecting a bill. Not a squeaky clean garage with free coffee and comfy seats but a working garage with excellent friendly staff and unintimidating. Will recommend to everyone I know.
Claire Hayward reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 21 Feb 2009

Great service I Thought it was a amazing job done by the owner I had a very faulty car but when they serviced it it was as good as new!! I would definetly reccomend it for the future
Jake Wagnerx reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 1 Feb 2009

WOW! I have never had any better service and value from any garage, the full service I had on my Ford Ka covered a lot more than the ford dealer who did it before and was about a third less cost wise...ONE HAPPY NEW CUSTOMER..Thanks again
Lisa Church reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 31 Jan 2009

We have a VW beetle, when ticking over it rev'd up and down, went in to VW main dealer 3 times, parts changed were, air mass and lamba sensors, 379 later still the same, took it to this garage who had it for one day, found a air leak on the inlet system, charged us 68 car is now perfect again...TOP MARKS
S Willkins reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 5 Oct 2008

I cannot praise this garage highly enough. My daughter is at Birmingham University and took her X-reg Fiat Seicento there for service and MOT. The owners phoned me regularly to keep me updated on repairs - and charged what they quoted - no hidden extras (a first in my experience). Basically I felt that they took as much care as if the car had been their own daughter's - and it runs better now than it has ever done.
Alison Redmore reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 10 Jun 2008

My Daughter is at B' ham University, She took her car to this garage, and was very happy with the service she got, they even phoned me in Dorset to run through the costing, she even tells me they have a female mechanic as well (what ever next)....TOP MARKS
Mr Edward Stanton reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 25 Mar 2008

We had running problems with our 2003 golf for 2 years, it had been with the main dealer and every one and no good..until we took it to selly oak service, they loaned us a car for 2 days free while they sorted out the problem, cost us only 76 in total. A1
Jason tompson reviewed Selly Oak Service Centre on 11 Feb 2008